IRIS Polymers
Building Brand Awareness in Specific European Markets

IRIS Polymers, a leading player in the polymer industry, aimed to expand its brand presence in specific European markets. Despite being a well-established B2B player, the company identified the need to enhance brand awareness to tap into new business opportunities in the European region.

Challenges and Objectives:

  1. Limited Brand Recognition: IRIS Polymers faced low brand awareness in the targeted European markets, hindering its potential for business growth.
  2. B2B Leads Generation: The objective was not only to create brand awareness but also to generate quality B2B leads for potential partnerships and collaborations.
  3. Dual Focus – B2B and B2C: IRIS Polymers had a unique challenge of catering to both B2B clients and B2C consumers, requiring a multifaceted approach.

Creative Solution:
The creative solution centered around a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompassed both online and offline channels. Leveraging storytelling and impactful visuals, the campaign aimed to communicate the unique value propositions of IRIS Polymers.

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Digital Campaigns: Engaging content marketing through blogs, social media, and targeted online advertising to reach both B2B decision-makers and end consumers.
  2. Trade Shows and Events: Participation in key industry trade shows and events to establish a physical presence and facilitate networking with potential B2B clients.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with industry influencers and key players to enhance credibility and reach a wider audience.
  4. Localized Content: Tailoring content to resonate with the specific cultural nuances of the European markets, ensuring a more personalized and impactful approach.


  1. Brand Recognition: The campaign significantly increased IRIS Polymers’ brand recognition in the targeted European markets.
  2. B2B Leads Generation: Quality leads were generated through targeted online campaigns and participation in industry events, leading to potential business collaborations.
  3. B2C Engagement: The dual-focus approach successfully engaged both B2B clients and B2C consumers, establishing a well-rounded brand presence.
  4. Market Expansion: IRIS Polymers successfully expanded its market share in the specific European markets, paving the way for sustained growth. 

This case study highlights the effectiveness of a holistic marketing strategy in overcoming challenges related to brand awareness, B2B leads generation, and dual-target audience engagement. IRIS Polymers’ success serves as a testament to the power of creative solutions and strategic execution in international market expansion.