Korhalej Fish Kitchen
Bringing Bhigwan Special Fish to the Table

Explore how Korhalej Fish Kitchen, dedicated to Bhigwan special fish, went from creating its logo to a successful brand launch.

Challenges and Goals:

  1. Unique Focus: Standing out by exclusively offering Bhigwan special fish.
  2. Building a Brand: Creating an identity that fish enthusiasts connect with.
  3. Creating Excitement: Generating buzz leading up to the grand opening.

Creative Solution:

  1. Logo Design: Crafted a unique logo with Bhigwan special fish elements and vibrant colors.
  2. Brand Identity: Established Korhalej as the go-to place for Bhigwan special fish lovers.

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Online Presence:
     – Engaged fish enthusiasts on social media, showcasing the uniqueness of Bhigwan special fish. 
  1. Offline Presence:
     – Held a grand opening with tastings, giveaways, and the essence of Bhigwan special fish.
    – Collaborated with local influencers for pre-launch excitement.
  1. Food Influencer Marketing: Used influential voices to create anticipation and reach a wider audience.


  1. Local Buzz: Became a talk of the town with trending hashtags and attention from Bhigwan special fish lovers.
  2. Successful Opening: The grand opening was fully booked, with patrons excited to savor Bhigwan special fish.
  3. Positive Reviews: Praises from influencers and customers for the exceptional taste and experience.